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TV and Radio

Watch a Media Spotlight on Dr. Lisa Firestone

Notable TV and Radio Appearances:

  • Suicide Prevention with Dr. Lisa Firestone on The Intentional Parent, watch it here
  • Listen to Dr. Lisa Firestone’s interview on “Fear Of Intimacy” on NPR’s WHYY Radio Show “Voices In The Family” with Dan Gottlieb here
  • Listen to Free to Help Others Live, a Voice America interview with Dr. Lisa Firestone on suicide prevention as heard on the September 8, 2010 program FREED UP! with Dr. Jennifer Freed.
  • Dr. David Rudd, TTU Psychology Department Chair, and Dr. Lisa Firestone, director of research and education at the Glendon Association, address the serious issue of suicide in a podcast episode produced by the Department of Psychology at Texas Tech University. Listen
  • Hear Dr. Lisa Firestone present on Interpersonal Neurobiology. Order
  • Recent Radio Appearances by Lisa Firestone and Joyce Catlett: KUCI & KCSN.

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