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Therapy Services

I enjoy helping people get to know themselves better, understand the developmental roots of their struggles and learn to overcome obstacles that are preventing them from attaining their personal goals.  My approach to psychotherapy, which integrates psychodynamic and existential systems of thought, is informed by the fields of interpersonal neurobiology, attachment theory, and separation theory.


People often enter into therapy when things are shifting in their lives, for example, when they are dealing with a loss or a change. Helping people take an introspective approach to their experiences and develop a compassionate viewpoint toward themselves allows them to get through struggles with anxiety, depression, or emotions that come with change.



When working with a couple, I focus on how each individual can change his or her style of relating in order to develop a more satisfying relationship. My goal is to help clients become more effective in achieving closeness in their relationships and learn to overcome fears of intimacy. I help couples gain insight into how they may have formed an imaginary connection or ‘fantasy bond” that interferes with real relating that combines love and intimacy. By identifying and challenging negative thoughts toward themselves and their partner, couples can develop a compassionate, respectful, and loving relationship

Children and Adolescents

In my 25 years of clinical experience, I’ve treated children who have  struggled with obsessive compulsive disorder, anger, and anxiety as well as other emotional concerns that have affected them in their development. In this time, I have come to believe in the importance of family involvement in a child’s therapy. Having the support and commitment of parents and family members is valuable, as a child’s problems arise within a family environment.  For young children, I’ve employed methods of play therapy that help me understand what’s troubling them in their lives, while helping them communicate and make sense of their experiences.

College Students

College is a time for students to develop a sense of themselves as  individuals, an evolution that can lead to increased anxiety, depression, stress, and sense of separation. College also represents a unique time of opportunity for young people to really get to know themselves and to challenge obstacles that get in the way of their achieving their goals, whether they be academic, professional, or personal aspirations.



It is my belief that helping parents to feel compassion for themselves and their own childhood experiences is fundamental to enabling them to fully extend these qualities to their children. When parents gain an understanding of their own past and how it informs the way they interact with their children, they are better able to be the parents they aspire to be.  Helping parents better attune to their children and repair any ruptures allows them to raise emotionally healthy children.

Consultation for Professionals

For the past 25 years, I have conducted extensive research and provided professional training on suicide and violence risk  assessment. I provide consultation for therapists about high risk clients. I help to ensure that clinicians are practicing up to the standard of care and are providing optimal treatment to their clients.  In addition, I provide evaluations for suicide and violence risk.

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