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Workshop: Helping Clients Develop Secure Attachment

November 27, 2017 @ 1:15 pm - 5:00 pm

Making Sense of the Past to Empower the Future

Sparked by Bowlby’s original insights, attachment research has revolutionized our understanding of human development, the internal world, and the consequences of development gone awry. No other empirically-based theory tells us more about how we become who we are – and how to change who we have become.

To varying degrees, we all carry around beliefs about ourselves and others from our earliest attachments that affect our behavior and the way we experience the world. Research shows that when people fail to make sense of their past, they find themselves reliving and recreating it, essentially re-experiencing old hurts over and over again. Attachment research demonstrates that making sense of the past is the best predictor of your ability to shape your future.

This presentation will introduce the tools for you to dig deep and resolve old traumas, big and small, so that they no longer haunt you and provide strategies to apply these tools with your clients. This workshop will draw upon the latest attachment research and outline the process of writing a coherent narrative. Research in neurobiology shows that, when a person writes a coherent narrative, they actually rewire their brain to feel more secure within themselves and their relationships. In addition, creating a coherent narrative contributes to developing earned secure attachment.


November 27, 2017
1:15 pm - 5:00 pm


The 8th Annual Healing & Treating Trauma, Addictions, and Related Disorders Conference