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Dr. Lisa Firestone has co-authored the following titles:

SELF UNDER SIEGELisa Firestone, PhD, Robert Firestone, PhD, Joyce Catlett, MA
2012, Routledge
How much of our identity or ‘self’ is truly representative of our own wants, needs, and goals in life and how much does it reflect the desires and priorities of someone else? Are we following our own destiny or are we unconsciously repeating the lives of our parents, living according to their values, ideals, and beliefs? In this thought-provoking book, noted clinical psychologist Robert Firestone and his co-authors explore the struggle that all of us face in striving to retain a sense of ourselves as unique individuals. The self is under siege from several sources: primarily pain and rejection in the developmental years, problems in relationships, detrimental societal forces, and existential realities that affect all people.

Lisa Firestone, PhD, Robert Firestone, PhD, Joyce Catlett, MA
2002, New Harbinger Publications, Inc
This book provides insights gleaned from 25 years of investigations into the destructive thought process or “critical inner voice.” It offers the general reader  means for dealing effectively with negative thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs that are barriers to one’s personal development. The book outlines methods that help people identify and counter the voice’s profound influence, so they can lead more fulfilling lives and develop their own ideals and values.  Charles Bonner, PhD said of the book: “Complex psychological phenomena are described in concrete and clear language. The authors offer numerous exercises to help the reader put the book’s ideas to immediate use, and they include guidelines for therapists who may want to use the book in their work with patients in psychotherapy.”

Lisa Firestone, PhD, Robert Firestone, PhD, Joyce Catlett, MA
2005, American Psychological Association Books
In Sex and Love in Intimate Relationships, the authors explore the dimensions of healthy sexuality and love. Drawing on their 40 years of combined clinical experience and a unique longitudinal study of couples and families, they propose that sexual problems are largely related to defenses acquired through painful childhood experiences. They describe the effects of the core defense, the “fantasy bond,” which is an illusion of connection originally with the mother or primary caregiver. The fantasy bond is later transferred to a romantic partner and predisposes alienation in the relationship. They explain how defenses, in the form of “critical internal voices,” support negative views of one’s self and of one’s partner, interfering with closeness and intimacy.

Lisa Firestone, PhD, Robert Firestone, PhD, Joyce Catlett, MA
2003, American Psychological Association
This book offers a compilation of therapeutic insights that are valuable in achieving a better way of living. It describes a unique experience in applied psychology whereby a group of individuals challenged a wide range of defensive behaviors and transformed their lives. The authors indicate how these insights can be applied by therapists in clinical practice. This book is a comprehensive guide for professionals and people who are interested in personal development, deepening friendships, sustaining intimacy in relationships, and developing healthy child-rearing practices. It points out the value of leading a life marked by adventure and recreation, transcendent goals, and spiritual exploration, and offers fresh views on the past, present, and future of psychotherapy.


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